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10 Snacks That Go Best With Whiskey.



10 Snacks That Go Best With Whiskey.

10 Snacks That Go Best With Whiskey.

10 Snacks That Go Best With Whiskey.

You know it’s funny how some people tend to classify,

Snacks and Food as same,


This is why I will be giving a little clarity on them.

Now, Snacks are a small portion of food generally eaten between meals

and come in a variety of forms including packaged snack foods and other processed foods,

as well as items made from fresh ingredients at home.


Why, Food is a substance consisting of essential protein, carbohydrate, fat,

and other nutrients used in the body of an organism to sustain growth and vital processes and to furnish energy.

The absorption and utilization of food by the body is fundamental to nutrition and is facilitated by digestion.

So, we can say snacks are classified under food but note that no nutrient is added to our body when we take snacks,


compared to when we eat Food.

Whiskey is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash.

So for those who love whiskey but don’t know what snacks to go down with,

this is for you.


Whiskey may be considered the “water of life”

but what is life without a few good snacks to go along with it?

Pairing snacks with whiskey may be a controversial move

because whiskey does not go well with just anything.


It’s important to be strategic in what you pair with it.

10 Snacks That Go Best With Whiskey.

Here are the best snacks to complement the tasty flavor of your whiskey drink.


10 Snacks That Go Best With Whiskey.

Whisky and cheese share so many things in common.

Both are aged and come in so many different flavors.


This is the reason why cheese makes such a good pairing with Whisky.

Aged cheddar goes well with Whisky having a smoky flavor.

While strong blue cheese goes well with spicer Whisky.

Soft cheese such as brie or goat cheese goes well with light fragrant whiskies with a touch of sweetness.

Nuts or snack mixes:

10 Snacks That Go Best With Whiskey.

Snack mixes that include pretzels, sesame sticks,

rye chips, and peanuts are a great option to munch on while enjoying whiskey.

If you’re thinking of adding nuts, pay attention to the types of nuts as the ones,

you think might pair well with whiskey do not.


As a general rule of thumb: heavily roasted nuts go well with smoky flavored whiskey.

Sweet nuts like pecans, pistachios, and Marcona almonds,

are a great complement to peaty, strong whiskey.

And contrary to what you might think,


a more bitternut (say, Brazil nuts or walnuts) works best with a sweeter whiskey.

Dark Chocolate:

10 Snacks That Go Best With Whiskey.

Chocolate and whisky really compliment each other.

Instead of opting for sweet sugary chocolate go for good quality dark chocolate bars.

Experiment with chocolates and their recipes here,


mix and match till you find the perfect match for your spirit.

Dark orange-flavored chocolate is a good choice to experiment with Scotch as the citrus,

note in Scotch will really enhance the orange flavor of the chocolate.

Plain dark chocolates go well with strong whiskies.


Milk chocolates, plain or with a hint of ginger or chili, work well with rye whiskies.

Salted hazelnut chocolates go well with Single malt Scotch whisky.

Whereas America’s favorite bourbon goes well with almost all kinds of chocolates.

Chicken Cheese Balls:



Cheese balls are like the go-to snack for many whiskey drinkers,

especially those who drink in a typical bar.

Grilled Steaks:

10 Snacks That Go Best With Whiskey.

If it’s a dinner party and you are unsure what to serve with Whisky go for grilled steaks.

This pairing can never go wrong.


Steaks go very well with medium-bodied rich whiskies.

Whiskies having rich deep and smoky flavor really works well with beef.

Though you need to experiment a bit according to the flavors,

that you are putting in your steak and its fat content.


For instance, if you are going in for a leaner steak bourbon goes well with that.


Meatloaf goes well with strong peaty whiskies.

The high alcohol content and spiciness of full-bodied whiskies,

like a flavorful single malt whisky or rye whisky, goes well with rich,


fatty dishes like meatloaf.

Healthy meatloaf served with barbecue sauce goes well with strong whiskies.

Smoked Salmon:

Smoked Salmon marries well with whiskies with high rye content.

The smokey flavor of the Salmon gives the bourbon a spicy fruity taste.


These two flavors compliment each other really well.

Apple Crumble or Apple pie:

This dessert goes amazingly well with light fragrant whiskies having a touch of sweetness.

It can be served with American whiskeys such as bourbon,

and whiskies having high rye content.


The caramel flavors in the bourbon complement the apple pie exceptionally well.


As with the other snacks, there’s a wide gamut of sweets to choose from when it comes to pairing with whiskey.

A standard option that you can’t go wrong with is chocolate,

as it’s a perfect complement to whiskey.


Overall, the best type of chocolate to experiment with is dark chocolate (the higher the quality, the better).

If you’re tasting a strong whiskey, try plain dark chocolate.

And milk chocolate (plain, or hint of chili or ginger) tastes great with rye whiskey.

Have any salted hazelnut chocolates lain around?


Pair them with a single malt whiskey.

Aside from chocolate, another dessert that brings out,

the best flavors in bourbon is either apple pie or apple crumb.

Bourbon with a high rye content works well because of its natural caramel flavor.

A creamy oyster:

A more unexpected pairing that most people adore with whisky is oysters.

They recommend finding a creamy and meaty variety,

 “It’s most important to avoid anything overly intense and salty as it could overpower the whisky,”

So, if you love whisky and haven’t tried any of these,


try it and make one your favorite…

Mine is Whiskey and Chocolate what’s yours!!!



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