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20 lb Weight Loss After Breast Reduction – Here’s How I Did It

20 lb Weight Loss After Breast Reduction - Here's How I Did It

20 lb Weight Loss After Breast Reduction – Here’s How I Did It

How I lost 20 lbs of weight after my breast reduction procedure – and how you can too!

Progress Pictures

What I did

First, I lost 20 pounds. Over two years, that’s an average of one pound per month, or a little more than four pounds per year. Not bad! Let’s break it down: Two things really helped me keep off those pounds: being realistic about how much my body could realistically lose each week and learning to love vegetables. When it comes to weight loss, if you want results fast, most experts agree that it usually takes 2-3 weeks of dieting for every 1 pound lost. But eating healthy is about more than weight loss—it’s about making life-long changes for your health!

Why this works

Losing weight is a goal that many people dream of, but few accomplish. This blogger shares her story and what she did to lose 20 pounds after breast reduction surgery. She shows that you can have your cake and eat it too; so to speak.

This is an inspirational post that will leave readers wanting more. While she focused on her own experience with breast reduction surgery, it’s clear from comments and traffic that many people relate to her story. What’s more, by focusing on weight loss as a life change rather than dieting for six weeks or one month, she encourages readers to adopt healthy lifestyle changes instead of taking drastic measures.


How do you start?

First, let me start off by saying I have struggled with my weight since middle school. At 5’2, 110 lbs in high school, I didn’t struggle to lose weight. In fact, as a pre-teen/teenager, my biggest battle was trying to gain weight. As an adult, gaining weight was pretty easy for me, but getting rid of it was much more difficult. In November 2013 (three years ago),

I finally decided enough was enough and made some major changes to how I ate and how often I worked out that were immediately reflected in my 20 lb weight loss after breast reduction. So here are my best tips for those who want some guidance or want to make some changes themselves!

Timeline of my progress

Today marks 2 months since my surgery and although I still have a ways to go, I wanted to share my progress so far. This picture was taken yesterday. It may be hard to see with me in shorts but, trust me, there is a lot less of me now!

What’s different about my weight loss? There are two things that make my progress unusual:

First, many people lose weight slowly after plastic surgery. In fact most surgeons will tell you they won’t guarantee more than 5 pounds in their first month post-op.


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