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Belly Beads For Weight Loss

Belly Beads For Weight Loss

Belly Beads For Weight Loss

Some people have different reason for wearing belly beads, some say it is attractive, makes them more beautiful, add to their fashion, while others say it helps them control their weight and loss weight…

So, lets see if truly belly beads reduces weight..

Where should waist beads be for weight loss?

Belly Beads are a customary accessory originating from several parts of Africa.

African Waist beads are made of small glass blobs arrange on a string and are worn around one’s hips or waist.

They are available in various shapes, sizes and colors and are made using a number of decorative charms, stone and


  • It helps with weight loss. You may use waist beads to chart your weight instead of getting on a scale every day to know whether there’s a gain or a loss. …
  • Boosts Sexual Attraction and Satisfaction. …
  • Heritage and pride. …
  • Maturity
It shapes your body and keep the waist small and hips accentuate.
It was (and still is) use as a measurement tool.
The beads do not stretch, so if/when the waist beads start to feel a little tight, it’s a sign that there was some weight
gain, and vice versa.

Facts About Belly Beads

1. A Symbol of Femininity and Sensuality

Some like to call them “colorful strands of femininity.” They’re handmade strands, usually made by women for women of any and all body types and sizes. Traditional Ghanaian culture wears waist beads to specifically signify femininity (as well as wealth and practical usage such as an anchor for a menstrual cloth).

For some women they would wear their beads under their clothes – which only allowed their lover to see them as a meaning of sanctity and purity between the two, for some, the beads are a means of seduction to provoke desire.
Sometimes, wives would use the rattling of the beads to communicate their fertility.

2. Rites of Passage & Symbols of Growth

Waist beads were a rite of passage for some cultures.

Mothers would ornament their daughters with beads during their first menstruation as a ceremonial rite of passage into womanhood.

Each time new waist beads were inherited, it symbolized a healthy life, growth, and maturity.

3. Measurements and Body Shaping

Both traditionally and in modern times, women will wear waist beads to get/keep their bodies intact. It is said that the beads shape your body and keep the waist small and hips accentuated.

4. The Formation of The Beads

In a traditional sense, the person making your waist beads is usually a highly spiritual person. The beads, shells, stones, and other things that may go on your waist are picked and placed with the intention of something or somethings very specific. The beads a woman wears for her husband will be vastly different from the ones a young girl wears into her transition into womanhood. The trend of waist beads has become very modernized and ornamental, but traditionally, the potency and power of a woman’s beads as it relates to spirituality and development were very specific and intentional.

5. Colors and Meaning


Speaking of intention, the colors of the beads also have very specific significations.

These meanings may vary from tribe to tribe, culture to culture, and they’re open to interpretation, but traditionally:

Blue: knowledge, healing, peace, truth, harmony, a cooling color symbolizing faith, devotion, deep insight.

Green: prosperity, hope, harmony, healing and ripening, generous, humble.

Red: self-confidence, vitality, sexual energy, passion, courage.

Yellow: wisdom, knowledge, clarity, increasing awareness, and calming nerves.

Do waist beads help lose weight?

Well belly beads don’t stretch.
If you were to gain weight, the beads will sit higher on the waist or feel tight.
Conversely, if you were to lose weight, the beads will feel loose and fall further down to the hips.
Unlike the numbers on a scale, waist beads are more compatible with body positivity.
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