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What Is Sirdan Where And How Is The Animal Eaten



What Is Sirdan Where And How Is The Animal Eaten

What Is Sirdan Where And How Is The Animal Eaten

What Is Sirdan Where And How Is The Animal Eaten

This is one of the well-known food in Adana,

which is the southern city of Turkey.


Adana Kebap, Şalgam and Şırdan are very popular in Turkey.

Sırdan in Turkish is abomasum
which is one of the 4 compartments of the sheep’s stomach.
And in Turkish, this part is name Şırdan.
The meal which is cook with this part is name with the same name.
It is fill with minced meat, rice, onion, cumin, and seasonings.
Sirdan in Turkey

This is Sirdan (pronounce SHEERDAN) and it’s stuff sheep gallbladder.
Head on to Adana and have a taste of this popular Turkish delicacy.

If you can get past its pungent smell, they say this dish is actually pretty good.

It tastes bloody delicious,
if you can get past the pungent smell of sheep.
Once it’s out of the sizzling pot, sprinkled with cumin and pepper,

you can’t devour the chewy texture and aromatic rice fast enough.

All stomachs (şırdan) are fill.
Put the stomach into the pot and add water, and salt then cook for 60 minutes.
You can pour a lot of cumin on it and eat it.
Enjoy your meal..

How Do you eat Sirdan?

This dish is consume after alcoholic beverages in Adana.


There is absolutely chili pepper, pickled pepper,

and cumin on the table set around the craw meal boiled in the pot.

You eat It with pickles and spices.

Also, known to be good for diseases such as cholesterol, allergies and rheumatism.


It speeds up the metabolism and is more nutritious than meat.





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