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Where to Eat Kunefe In Ankara 13 Famous Places



Where to Eat Kunefe In Ankara 13 Famous Places

Where to Eat Kunefe In Ankara 13 Famous Places

Where to Eat Kunefe In Ankara 13 Famous Places

Künefe is one of the local desserts which is specially made with künefe cheese.

It is frequently eaten at the Mediterranean provinces and Southeast provinces.


Kunefe, which is made freshly after dinner, is a special taste where thinly sliced ​​kadayifs meet with delicious sherbet.

Both the cheese used and the crispy kadayif are produced only for künefe.

Its real flavor is sherbet.

When all these elements come together, an unforgettable künefe emerges.


Where to Eat Kunefe In Ankara 13 Famous Places

Zeugma Kunefe

Zeugma Künefe is a popular künefe restaurant with branches in Ankara.

When you order künefe, not only künefe but also fruit and nuts, that sweeten the palate take their place on the table.

You may not find the taste of künefe you eat in this dessert center anywhere else.

In order to balance the blood sugar, the milk with the dessert is one of the fine details of this place!


Belkıshan Kunefe

Belkıshan Künefe, is in Etimesgut, is one of the places that gives kunefe its due and it is one of the flavors stops frequently visit by those who want to eat künefe in Ankara.

Snacks and fruits served with desserts will sweeten your conversation!

Özikizler Kunefe

Özikizler Künefe is known as Ankara dessert center.

Those who have low blood sugar and those who have a sweet crisis find themselves in Özikizler Künefe.


When you want to eat künefe in Çukurambar, you can come to Özikizler,

which prepares many kinds of sherbet desserts.

Crispy katmer, oil-sugar balance baklava, and künefe are here for you.

Hatay Asi Kunefe

Hatay Asi Künefe is a very famous künefe shop in Ankara.


It is not only famous for its künefe, but also for preparing the local dishes of Hatay.

If you want to eat Hatay’s local künefe dessert in a nostalgic and decent place;

You can stop by Hatay Asi Kunefe at Atatürk Orman Çiftliği.

Kunefe Cooking Teacher

You can stop by Künefeci Muallim in Ankara to eat a light and delicious künefe that is fried just right and syrups to its perfect consistency.


For those who love künefe with lots of pistachios, the chef’s recommendation would be Urfa’s special künefe.

You will enjoy the taste of künefe in this place where tea accompanies your dessert.


Künefezade is known as a künefe maker who has been famous for years within the borders of Ankara.

When you want to taste a delicious künefe in Ankara and you want to share this delicious dessert with your loved ones, you can choose Künefezade.


Sweet treats, fresh teas, and a decent place come together in Künefezade for you to have a pleasant time.

Hanzade Kunefe

One of the most beautiful künefes of Ankara is for you at Hanzade Künefe.

You can meet at hanzade künefe Ankara branches to eat künefe, which leaves a delicious mark on the palate without the smell of oil, without burning the stomach.

Desserts, which is more delicious than the other, and eaten, along with a treat that balances your blood sugar.


Master Erol from Gaziantep

Erol Usta from Gaziantep, where you can find Çankaya’s desserts with plenty of pistachios, is quite assertive about künefe.

The fact that the kadayif, butter, and pistachio used in the künefe do not contain any additives is one of the details that makes this place popular.

Erol Usta from Gaziantep is for those who are in Ankara for a crispy outside, soft and thin künefe.

Kunefe Street

You will also feel like you are in a dream when künefe is eating full syrup with pistachio and Maraş ice cream at Künefe Cadde.


Also try this special flavor, whose taste and crispness are ideal for a künefe, at Künefe Cadde in Ankara.

You should also try the künefe culture, which has spread to many cities from Hatay, in a place that knows this business in Ankara.



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